Always-full in ST/ST AISI 316 (400 to 700 Litres) without legs

Alwaysfull in ST/ST quality  AISI 316 (400 to  700 liters) without legs.


Alwaysfull in ST/ST quality  AISI 316 (400 to  700 liters) without legs

System with adjustable lid that adapts to any wine capacity avoiding air contact when the tank is not totally full..
Fermentation and wine conservation or any kind of drinking liquid, cider, liquors, wine spirits, honey, water, etc.

  • Butterfly valve in ST/ST DIN, exit for clears.
  • Alwaysfull lid with inflatable vault and pumper.
  • Spare inflatable vault.
  • Double effect security valve.
  • Sample tap.
  • Crane with top lifting arm.
Technical characteristics:
  • Every side in contact with the liquid is built in ST/ST sheet quality AISI 316.
  • Bottoms with interior curved edges to make the cleaning easy.
  • Weldings totally pasived and polished both on the inside and on the outside.
 Body height Total height Diametre
Sheet thickness
400 L
1.030 mm
1.030 mm
750 mm
1,5 mm
500 L
1.030 mm
1.030 mm
830 mm
1,5 mm
700 L
1.200 mm
1.200 mm
900 mm
1,5 mm

 * Sizes, construction and accessories may vary on customer's petition. Request quotation with no compromise.FOR ADDITIONAL ACCESSORIES PLEASE CONSULT THE  SUBCATEGORY  ACCESSORIES.

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