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Tubular must refrigerating exchanger
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Tubular must refrigerating exchanger
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Tubular must refrigerating exchanger

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Tubular must refrigerating exchanger


Tubular exchanger for must refrigeration                                                          

  • It consists on a set of connected tubes where the liquid to be refrigerated runs in the inside and on the outside in opposite way runs the refrigerater that can be water or glicolated water, provided from the winery's refrigerating instalation, with this you manage a quick refrigeration of the product.  
  • It is used to make a quick refrigeration of  the must coming from a destemmer or  a vintage pump to do a cold soaking in a soaker or a properly conditioned deposit.      
  • Totally built in stainless steel.
  • Every part in contact with the wine is built in stainless steel quality AISI 316.
  • Four digital thermometers for entrances and exits of the content and refrigerator.   
  • Four stainless steel wheels with brake for easy scrolling.
  • Wide diametres to easy the passage of the crushed o destemmed grape.    
  • There are two tube sizes, one inner tube size 71 mm x 101 mm the outer tube and another one, size 101 mm  the inner tube x 139 mm the outer tube.
Interior diametre 71 mm. - exterior 101 mm:


P-83 P-123 P-46 P-86 P-126
Nº of tubes 8 12 4 8 12
Length (m). 3 3 6 6 6
Must refrigeration capacity (B.T.U./h) 40.000 60.000 40.000 80.000 125.000
Destemmed grape refrigeration capacity  (B.T.U./h) 20.000 30.000 20.000 40.000 62.500
Interior diametre 101 mm. - exterior 139 mm:


G-43 G-83 G-123 G-46 G-86 G-126
Nº of tubes 4 12 4 8 12
Length (m). 3 3 3 6 6 6
Must refrigeration capacity    (B.T.U./h) 31.250 62.500 93.750 62.500 125.000 187.500
Destemmed grape refrigeration capacity.(B.T.U./h) 15.625 31.250 46.900 31.250 62.500 93.750
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