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Barrel cleaner
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Barrel cleaner
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Barrel cleaner

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Manual barrel cleaner with three-dimensional rotating head (3 models available)


Manual barrel cleaners with a three-dimensional rotating head for cleaning the inside of wooden barrels. These units have a rotating spray head with a powerful injection system to reach every part of the barrel. The telescopic pole extends to the bottom of the barrel. In addition, the barrel washer itself has an integrated dirty water suction system.


  • Easy to use.
  • They need a pressure washer (it can be either hot or cold water).
  • They allow cleaning the barrel without the need to move or rotate it.
  • Exhaustive, careful and complete interior cleaning (360º).
  • Simple insertion into the mouth of the barrel.
  • Integrated dirty water suction.
  • Secure fixation on the barrel thanks to a patented support.
  • Clean with:

    • Clean water
    • Cleaning products


3 models available:

Characteristics BRA Simplex BRA Reference BRA Reference FLEX
 Barrel storage in line YES YES YES
 Stacked barrel storage NO NO YES
 Barrel sizes 225 Y 300 L 225 Y 300 L 225 L
 Barrel mouth size ≥ 37 mm ≥ 37 mm ≥ 37 mm
 Water quantity 13-20 L/min. 13-20 L/min. 13-20 L/min.
 Water pressure 80-120 bar 80-120 bar 80-120 bar
 Water temperature <95ºC <95ºC <95ºC
 Nº of revolutions 17 r.p.m 17 r.p.m 17 r.p.m
 Water circuit material INOX 316 INOX 316 INOX 316
 Shatter-proof sight glass OPTIONAL YES YES
 Adjustable barrel support NO YES YES
 Flexible suction tube NO NO YES
 Electrical network adapter YES NO NO
 Integrated power supply NO YES YES
 Stainless steel casing NO YES YES
 Actuation Rocker switch Push button with LED Push button with LED
 Water supply M22 x 1,5 M22 x 1,5 M22 x 1,5
 Electrical system 115/230V 115/230V 115/230V


  • All 3 models allow the addition of a pressure regulator.
  • The "BRA SIMPLEX" and "BRA REFERENCE" models can be fitted with an extension for use with 600 litre barrels.
For more information, please contact us without obligation.
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