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Press filter

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The filter press plates and frames are designed for charged suspensions forming a pie.


The filter press plates and frames are designed for charged suspensions forming a pie. They are formed by a series of vertical plates placed alternately with hollow frames in which the cake is accumulated. The support is formed by filtering screens that hold the acanalados dishes. The filtrate flows after crossing the filter cloth by appropriate conduits. The plates and the frames rest on horizontal struts and robust steel that fit against each other between two supports, of which one is fixed and the other mobile. The closing of the manual filter es in small models: hydraulic and more or less automated in major appliances. When the racks are packed full of pie, the rate of filtration is practically null and terminates filtering.

Filtering cycles:
The filter press dewatering systems are intermittent. Each operation assumes pressed them siguintes steps:
1 - Locking the press: When eofiltro is completely empty, the mobile head that is activated by the hydraulic-pneumatic system closes the plates. The closing pressure is self-regulated by filtration.

2 - Filling: During this brief period, the chamber is filled with sludge to filtration. The filling time depends on the flow of the feed pump. For sludge with great filtration capacity is best to fill the filter quickly to prevent it forming a slurry in the primary chamber before it completely fills

3 - Filtering: Once rcheia the camera, the arrival of continuously treating sludge to be dewatered causes an increase in pressure due to the formation of a thick layer of silt on the membranes. This phase filter can be reduced manual way, by means of a timer or indicator stream which activates an alarm stopping when reaching the end of the filtering capacity. When the pump is stopped filtering circuitry for filtering and central conduits which are filled with sludge, however, applies them to a compressed air purge.

4 - Opening ol filter: The moving head retires to disarm the first filter chamber. The slurry falls due to its own weight. A mechanized system pulls the plates one by one. The speed of the separation plate can be adjusted in view of the texture of the pasta.

5 - Limpieza: Cleaning of the membranes can lead to 15-30 cable between process operations. For medium or long drives, it takes place in the water spray using compressed to high pressure (80-100 bar). Cleaning is synchronized with the separation of the plates.


Surface of the filter


   Dimensions mm.       length x width x height

Weight Kg.

20 Plates



2800 x 850 x 1500


30 Plates



2800 x 850 x 1500


40 Plates



3350 x 850 x 1500


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